REVIEW: “Tiger Zinda Hai” A Bhai movie with lots of girl power

Let me start by saying that Tiger Zinda Hai is not a movie that knows much about the military or intelligence services. Scenes involving strategic operations are not believable, even borderline silly (like when US special forces follow the instructions of an unofficial Pakistani ISI agent).

However, this movie does know how to entertain. It follows Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s characters from Ek Tha Tiger as they come out of their self imposed exile to rescue nurses trapped by a terrorist organization (a clear reference to ISIS)in Iraq. Each assemble their crack teams from their respective countries and work together for the common cause of “humanity”, a theme that is reiterated throughout the film.

Salman gets his usual action sequences, including the obligatory shirtless one, but for me it was Katrina Kaif as Zoya who stole the show. In one sequence she rescues a dozen women trapped as sex slaves. It was amazing to see a woman singlehandedly take down dozens of these terrorists and rapists, especially in light of the atrocities women have faced in the region.

Fans of war movies who like to see a lot of accuracy will find a lot to criticize, but fans of action and Salman Khan should enjoy this very patriotic, fun film.

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