Review: Hindi Medium

Anyone who lives in a competitive school system will find much to laught at ans commiserate in this sweet and well-acted story of affluent Delhi parents (Irffan Khan and Saba Qamar) and who will do just about anything to get their daughter into a top primary school.

Hindi Medium has a few themes, including corruption and bureaucracy. But the most important is the cupidity of the private school system and the absurd lengths to which some people go to make sure their child speaks good English. Parents hire coaches ans advisors to get through the application process, but this is the least of it. Raj and Meeta pretend to be underprivileged to make it into a lottery for poor citizens, going so far as to live in a slum for weeks. They later come to regret this, especially when the son of their poor friends is not chosen and their daughter is. However, to soothe their consciences they do not consider owning up to the fraud (and risking their daughter’s expulsion) but donate to a local school instead. This says a lot about the pressure that parents face.

And in the middle of it all is Piya, a completely normal child who presumably just wants friends and adequate education. Piya plays a very small role in the film, but that’s the point isn’t it? This movie is about the parents and they ways they end up sabotaging their children’s collective education with their shenanigans.

Hindi Medium is funny, poignant, and timely. You can catch it on Amazon Prime.

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